Stripdagen Haarlem


Name: Stripdagen Haarlem
Location: Groote Markt and Philharmonie, Haarlem
Date: June, every even year

What’s there?
– Retail floor
– Live Interviews
– Artist Alley
– Workshops
– Theatre

So what’s it like?
In The Netherlands, there is nothing like Stripdagen Haarlem. Why? Because it takes over the whole town? Because half of it is outside? Or because it’s only once every two years? Officially, the convention lasts for 10 days, but it’s the first weekend that really counts. During that weekend, de Groote Markt (Haarlem’s main square) is full of market stalls, where you can buy comics and where comic artists, big and small, sell and sign their work. In the Philharmonie, the nearby theatre, there are even more retail booths and artist alleys to be found. Plus, there are many exhibitions throughout the city, plays, live interviews, and special movie screenings. This con is why ‘even’ years are the special ones in The Netherlands.


There are people a plenty, but the vibe is super laid back. You’ll see your favourite artists walking by constantly. Another pro and fun fact: Haarlem is a beer city and there’s a new “strip-bier” (comic beer) brewn especially for the Stripdagen every time (with a drawn logo to match).

It’s very Dutch. You’ll seldom see any foreign artists or writers, and the retail floor has barely any comics in English.

The Area:
Haarlem is a lovely city, not too far from Amsterdam, and definitely worth a visit.

—Last year this convention was visited by our staff: 2016—