The name ‘Freaks’ says it all: this store is dedicated to monsters, terror and pulp art  in all sizes and shapes. There are actually 3 different storefronts, next to each

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Otamashi Merchandising

Otamashi is fully dedicated to Japanese merchandising. They have a large collection and the small store is stacked full with all things Japanese – mainly figurines, but also other things

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picture by fidelramos


Continuara has ‘comics’ and ‘manga’ spelled out in large on their storefront, so there is no doubt as to what this store sells. But there is lots more to find in

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4 Dados

4 Dados is a clean, modern board game store which carries a lot of surprising titles. Sure, the well-known successes are here, but this place is mostly a gallery for new

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We’ve only been here a short while, but we’d love to go back some day to experience a typical evening at this Spanish boardgame bar. In comparison to Len’s, which

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